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Get to Know MAX ERP Modules for Material Planning

Posted by Joy Budnik on Jan 25, 2017 2:00:00 PM

planning meets teamwork.pngThe search for the right ERP system can be overwhelming. There are so many products, product features and vendors that it can be difficult to know what’s worth your time and energy to research.  Many ERP systems offer hundreds, if not thousands, of features… most of which you won’t need. This is especially true if you’re embarking on your first ERP implementation.

MAX is modular ERP software, which means you get every ERP feature when you purchase MAX but you can implement individual modules as you need them. Because of its scalability, modular ERP is often a smart investment for small and growing manufacturers.

Here’s an overview of the modules in MAX that help with Material Planning:

MRP: Material Requirements Planning (MRP) balances the supply and demand for all component parts needed to satisfy your Master Schedule. MRP turns your manufacturing data into valuable insight.

Consignment: Enables companies who sell products using a consignment sales model to account for consigned inventory and manage the consignment sales process, without the need for off-line manual tracking.  This module is especially helpful for manufacturers that must maintain compliance and have a critical need to ensure the traceability of consigned goods.

Inventory Control: Track and maintain inventory balances for each part you stock, including finished goods, assemblies, component parts and raw materials.

Lot/Serial Tracking: Control and monitor, from receipt to shipment, the assignment of lot and/or serial numbers for components and finished goods.

Physical Inventory: Conduct an accurate, coordinated physical inventory program and with a critical final audit trail report that includes variances by part number.

Purchasing Control: Create and print purchase orders, track purchased materials, maintain vendor information and predict your cash requirements.

Recall Manager: Automate and document the recall process, conduct recalls with any information at hand, and quickly access stored recall data in MAX for compliance, QA testing, training and historical purposes.

Stock Revaluation: The Stock Revaluation Transaction Module tracks changes in inventory and WIP value caused by changes to the standard cost of parts.


What can you do with MAX? The short answer is that MAX covers all the essentials when it comes to ERP and it comes with additional capabilities that are optional to implement and can be used as-needed because MAX is designed to grow with your business.  

Want more? Visit the MAX Fact Sheet Library to download detailed fact sheets about all of the most popular MAX Modules.


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