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3 Ways to Increase Business Profitability with ERP Software

Posted by MAX on Feb 3, 2017 2:00:00 PM


Saving time and decreasing costs are some of the most common benefits surrounding the implementation or upgrade of an ERP software system, but these benefits can only come to fruition when you have all of the tools in your arsenal to make it happen. A healthy and profitable organization is one that welcomes growth and development, has transparent and automated business processes, and functions as a unit.

Combine technology, people and processes to successfully put your company on the path to increased profitability using these key actions:

1.Develop an Actionable Plan for ERP Processes

All too often, companies attempt to launch game-changing new ideas with no pre- or post-implementation planning. Developing and executing ideas based on a pre-developed, actionable plan helps to account for the use of valuable resources, set benchmarks and goals, and avoids the need for quick-thinking educated guesses. Be sure to include any changes in your ERP processes within your plan in order to minimize business disruptions.

2. Automate Manual Processes with ERP

Use your ERP system to its full potential by automating existing manual tasks to speed up business processes and production as well as reduce overall errors. Ask your ERP vendor about built-in and add-on features, such as barcoding and data collection systems and mobile or web-based access. Don't be afraid to inquire about business process automation tools or business activity monitoring either, as numerous outstanding solutions that integrate to ERP are likely available.

3. Set and Share Plan Milestones

Attempting to jump full force into infrastructure changes not only causes disruptions to production, but can inhibit productivity and take more out of your budget than originally planned. Setting and sharing key milestones with the greater team keeps costs under check and everyone on the same page, ultimately leading a combined effort towards the end goal. A slower pace also provides time to evaluate and gather feedback on new features and processes, allowing you to incorporate or eliminate based on their impact.

To learn even more ways to ensure your company remains on the path to profitability, download the eBook, The Bottom Line: How ERP Will Save You Time & Money.




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